Dear Guests

To our dear Blue LLama guests, musicians, friends, family, and all those with whom we’ve shared drinks, bites, jams and good times together.

We’re writing to let you know that the Blue LLama Jazz Club, Jibarito and Of Rice & Men Modern Asian Bistro have decided to take a break for a few months.

We’re not closing permanently. We mean too much to each other to just say good-bye. Thanks to your support, you’ve made the Blue LLama one of the brightest stars in the sheltering indigo sky of jazz venues. Ann Arbor is a major destination for jazz artists again. We’ve created something special together, our love of fantastic food, amazing wine and cocktails, excellent service and amazing music have kept us going in 2020. We look forward to continuing this tradition into the future.

Many of you have been thrilled at the delicious dishes that Of Rice and Men served up over the last few months. Of Rice & Men is already working on spectacular new tastes that showcase our respect for and love of the diversity that is Asian cuisine. You’ve only sampled our amuse bouche. Wait until you taste the next course.

For the musicians that have graced the Blue LLama stage, we know how hard this difficult time has been for you. The community loves you, and we all want you to stay safe. Keep at your art and we’ll open up our stage just as soon as we can.

To the employees of the Blue LLama and Of Rice and Men: you’ve done everything right. Each one of you has served your guests with class and distinction. We’re so proud of you. You’ve shown our community what it means to be professionals under the most challenging circumstances. You deserve a standing ovation.

These are unprecedented times; we have to be smart so we can be here for you over the long term. Our plan is to reopen the Blue LLama and Of Rice & Men as soon as we can operate at full capacity, safely and properly. We figure that’s going to be in spring or summer of 2021, but like our musicians, we’re playing this tune by ear. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

Take care of yourselves, and we’ll be back for the second set after a short break. We already miss you too much to stay away long.

Don Hicks, Proprietor
Louis Goral, Head of Restaurants
Dave Sharp, Artistic Director
Adrian Estrada, Josh Wetshtein, and Ava Yau, Culinary Arts